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Wall upholstered by Lopez Upholstery. Ceiling treatment, acoustic theater upholstery, and tufted wall.

Wall upholstered in Los Angeles, including tufted wall and ceiling treatment. Photo taken by Manuel Lopez Jr.

Wall tufted and upholstery by Lopez Upholstery
Wall tufted and upholstered By Lopez Upholstery. Photo taken by Manuel Lopez Jr.
Our craftman team working in a wall for a commercial building in Los Angeles. The wall was upholstered,tufted and insolated.
Acoustic Wall Upholstery in Los Angeles. Professional wall acoustic theater services by Lopez Upholstery. This is a work station craftmanship local working in a wall building in Los Angeles by out team. One week of hard work. One more happy customer!!.
Image Cedit: Manuel Lopez Jr.
Sall samples we upholster.
Mansion walls upholstered. Samples of wall upholstered we can upholster and reupholster for any mansion or commercial building.

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Wall Upholstery by Lopez Upholstery. Call (323) 706-9552 customer service .

From Residential to Commercial wall upholstery services by Lopez Upholstery. With over 25 years of experience upholstering walls in Los Angeles. Insured and bounded by California Estate. Our experience comes form traditional and modern techniques that have been performed by our professional artisan Manuel Lopez Jr.

Our team is lead by decorator, artisan, professional and expert Manuel Lopez Jr., The master with the best techniques in wall commercial upholstery and reupholstery serving the greatest city of Los Angeles.

The perfect Wall Upholstered

Creation and perfection from business to business, elegance and decorating for commercial wall upholstery projects. With plenty hard work we perform our job basically in tufted, padded and pleated any commercial or residential house wall. Wall phonic or thermal isolation for all commercial and residential projects available. Serving from business to business with 100% Warranty and insured for your satisfaction.

Custom Ceilings Upholstery

Lopez Upholstery Services all custom ceiling upholstery and padding ceiling from basic and simple installation in any difficult wall area that need to be upholstered. Your ceiling will share an inimitable on beauty and color to any eye. We match any color and texture for your ceiling. We are the experts artisans making art in any ceiling home or commercial. Call us or Emails us for to your location. Want to try? Hay yaaa? No problemo...